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The President’s Speech on the 26th Anniversary of the Start of the Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia

On August 14, President Raul Khadzhimba addressed the people of the Republic of Abkhazia on the 26th anniversary of the start of the Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia of 1992-1993.


Dear compatriots! Dear veterans!

26 years ago, a war full of bloodshed started in Abkhazia and it claimed thousands of lives. On this sad day, we remember those who defended our right to live, to have a peaceful sky above and a future for our children.

People of all nationalities living both in Abkhazia and abroad came to defend our Homeland. The bravery, courage and fearlessness of our fighters brought us Victory in the war for independence. The heroic deeds of the defenders of the Fatherland will forever stay in the national memory.

On this day, we also honour the memory of our First President, Commander-in-Chief Vladislav Ardzinba. Thanks to his outstanding abilities and strength of spirit, people united in the face of danger, rose to the defence of the Homeland and won in an unequal battle.

Eternal memory to the fallen soldiers! Peace and prosperity to the people of Apsny!


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