The Vice President Presented the New Minister of Culture to the Staff of the Ministry of Culture


Vice President of the Republic of Abkhazia Badra Gunba and First Vice Premier Beslan Dzhopua presented to the staff of the Ministry of Culture the newly appointed minister Gudisa Agrba.

The Vice President thanked the former Minister of Culture Elvira Arsaliya for the work done. In his speech, Badra Gunda remarked:

“Everyone knows about the problems of the state, including those in the sphere of culture. We understand that the opportunities in the sphere of culture depend on those of the state. The spiritual culture of Abkhazia is rich. I hope that the staff will support the new minister and that together, everyone will continue the work that was started and will start reaching new goals”.

First Vice Premier Beslan Dzhopua wished the new Minister of Culture success in his work.

The newly appointed Minister of Culture Gudisa Agrba thanked the leadership of the Republic for the trust and outlined the priority tasks of the Ministry of Culture under his leadership.








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