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Vice President Greeted the Participants of the Festival of Culture and Life of the Hemshin Armenians in the Village of Yashtkhua


On November 7, Vice President of the Republic of Abkhazia Aslan Bartsits attended the festival of culture and life of the Hemshin Armenians in the village of Yashtkhua.

Aslan Bartsits greeted the participants and organisers of the festival:

“We know that the majority of Abkhazia’s Armenians come from Hemshin. This wonderful festival gives all residents and guests of Abkhazia an opportunity to become familiar with the culture, traditional cuisine, life and crafts of the Hemshin Armenians. At all times, culture has a unifying mission that develops high moral and civic qualities. I would like to express special gratitude to the older generation, the families of the fallen soldiers who with honour, side by side with us defended the independence of Abkhazia and today help the young continue the traditions of fathers and grandfathers. I am confident that every day, this festival will continue to be filled with new ideas, develop, and that it will demonstrate cultural diversity and interethnic harmony”.




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