President of the Republic of Abkhazia


Vitaliy Gabnia


Vice-president of the Republic of Abkhazia

Born on 12th of June 1968 in Sukhumi, Abkhazian ASSR.

In 1986 graduated from Sukhum school # 10 n.a. Lakoba

1986-1989 – served in Soviet Army.

1992-1993 – participated in Patriotic war of people of Abkhazia. Intelligence support troop commander, commissioner of the 2nd squadron, 2nd battalion, 1st brigade of Western front.

In 1995 graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the Abkhazian state university.

1997-2002 – assistant of the rector of Sukhum open institute (SOI).

1999-2002 – chair of the public organization “Nartaa”-

2002-2006 – head of youth-sports centre “Ainar”.

2005 – graduated from the faculty of jurisprudence of Abkhazian state university.

2005-2006 – co-chair of the public-political movement “National Unity Forum”.

2010 – CEO of limited liability company “Iug-Promstroy”.

2013 – Chair of the Republican veteran of the Patriotic war of the people of Abkhazia organization “Aruaa”

24th of August 2014 – Vice-president of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Married, has 3 children.

Knight of the “Order of Leon”.

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