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The President Had a Meeting with Prosecutor General Zurab Achba

On April 16, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimbahad a meeting with Prosecutor General Zurab Achba.

Raul Khadzhimba congratulated the Prosecutor General and all employees of the Prosecutor’s Office on their professional holiday.

“Many things depend on how this institution works and performs its supervisory functions, on the quality of the investigation of those crimes that shook the Republic. Today we have a tough approach, but it is not enough. Those processes that cross the boundaries of the law should be brought back to a legal path. People should know that only the state should establish the appropriate penalties”, - said the Head of State.

The President remarked that often, shortcomings in the activities of the law enforcement bodies remain, including those of the Prosecutor’s Office. Yet, he expressed confidence that these mistakes will be corrected soon. The President especially stressed that the work on all major crimes should be completed under constant control of the Prosecutor General.

Zurab Achba thanked the Head of State for the congratulations. He stressed that since the moment of its establishment, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic performs its duty and guards the law.

By Decree from April 16, the President awarded “the next class rank of State Counselor of Justice III Class to the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Abkhazia Zurab Achba”.


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