The President Attended the Final Session of the Government


On December 28, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba attended the final session of the Cabinet of Ministers concerning the results of 2017.

The Head of State remarked that in order to carry out all the instructions which are outlined in the Address to the People’s Assembly-Parliament, it is necessary to work together as a team.

“This year was not easy for us. You know all the reasons that we talked about. The difficulties were related to the weather and the situation in the village of Primorskoe, among others. However, the situation is under control. The accumulation of the budget was not easy, and there are some mistakes that no one tried to conceal. We openly talk about all the problems and tasks of the Government and the leadership of the state. The Address outlines the achievements and shortcomings, and the deadlines for the projects. I do not doubt that we will deal with these issues. We need to be united and we need to work”, - said the President.

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