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The President Had a Meeting with the Guests of Anniversary Events Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary since the Birth of Bagrat Shinkuba


On May 12, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadjimba had a meeting with the guests of the anniversary events dedicated to the 100th anniversary since the birth of Bagrat Shinkuba.

After welcoming the guests, the President expressed joy and gratitude for their active participation in the celebration of the 100th anniversary since the birth of Bagrat Shinkuba.

“He was not just a writer and a poet, but he also actively participated in the establishment of our state. His works are permeated with the pain that the Abkhazian nation went through. His name will continue to live and it will be passed on from generation to generation, as long as we live, and also our brothers, and all those who knew him and his literature”, - said Raul Khadjimba.

The Head of State remarked that it is important for the young generation of Abkhazia not only to know about the life and work of Bagrat Shinkuba, but also to read his works.

National writer of Adygea, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Iskhak Mashbash shared his impressions about the events and remarked that he always considered Abkhazians and the Adyghe people as one mighty tree.

“I could not miss this great event. As I listened today to kids who read the poems of a great Abkhazian poet in their native language, I felt that you are a happy nation. I felt that Abkhazia will continue living for a long time, and as long as the nation lives, its hero and his voice will live as well”, - said Iskhak Mashbash.

National poet of Kabardino-Balkaria Larisa Shebzukhova thanked Raul Khadjimba for the opportunity to visit the anniversary events. She remarked that such events give strength and creative hopes.

“I would like to say that it feels like home here, and I feel like a pilgrim visiting sacred places. The works of Bagrat Shinkuba influenced us, they gave us strength and an example of courage. I consider his art as a sort of code that lives within us and will continue to live in all the future generations”, - said Larisa Shebzukhova.

According to the Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Madina Hakuasheva, this celebration of Bagrat Shinkuba’s 100th birthday is a symbol that a “cultural integration between our nations” is happening spontaneously and naturally. She stressed that his works show the direction that should be followed.

The President remarked that this feeling of connection should be passed on to future generations, which will allow our brotherly nations to grow even closer.

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