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On November 30, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba held a working meeting with Chairman of the State Committee on Standards, Energy and Technical Supervision of the Republic of Abkhazia Garri Samanba.

The Head of State raised a question about the results of the control measures that were carried out by the State Committee on Standards, Energy and Technical Supervision:

“I would like to hear from you, after all the activities that you carried out until now, what positive and negative outcomes of your work have you detected? What kind of changes happened? I know that there are positive results in some areas, including the tourist sphere. More intense work is needed in some fields, in particular, in service and catering, especially in pre-school and school institutions”.

Garri Samanba reported on the work that was done.

“The work that is being done is quite serious. There are many problems, and first of all, they are related to the legislature. We have done a lot in this field. We work together with the Parliament. There are three main draft laws that will significantly help us in our work.

At the moment, we do everything to teach people responsibility. It is very important. We use TV channels for that. We have confirmed that this brings significant results. We have an agreement with the “Abaza-TV”. Every Thursday, there is a TV program, and we receive a lot of feedback from consumers.

We foster healthy competition among the producers. When a new company is opened, we do not create obstacles for people, but they have to comply strictly with the requirements.

We have a very important field of work – school and pre-school institutions. We have detected a lot of shortcomings. We had a TV program about this as well. The shortcomings are being eliminated. We have sent a second inspection to these facilities, and a lot was changed, almost by 100%. The Ministry of Education, the heads of district education departments and the Heads of the Administrations worked diligently on this. Serious work is being done in this field”, - said Garri Samanba.

The Head of State remarked that the number of inspections should not exceed the acceptable norms.

“It is necessary for people to treat these inspections calmly and to aim to correct the shortcomings that were detected. The inspections should be agreed upon by the control institutions, and they should not be daily. Any suspicion that there has been a norm violation should be verified”, - said the President.

The President stressed that the work of the State Committee in the tourist field is also important. Garri Samanba informed the President about the work in this field.

“I instructed the staff to hold inspections in the middle of the tourist season, not in May and June, and to start the preparatory work in January. This will allow us to know the state of the facilities. We are very worried about what is being sold to the tourists. Serious explanatory work is being done in this field, especially concerning alcoholic beverages and honey products”, - said Garri Samanba.

The Head of State stressed that apart from the explanatory work, there should be measures to influence those who violate the norms.

The President also remarked that it is necessary to provide quality counselling to the entrepreneurs who apply to the State Committee and to comply with the document processing times.


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