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On November 27, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba held a briefing on the meeting with President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in Sochi.

The Head of State summed up the results of the negotiations:

“This meeting took place to continue our meeting in August of this year, during which we discussed many issues connected to the topic of the economic situation in Abkhazia, its financial situation and other tasks that are being solved during the interaction between the two states. This includes issues of the Defence Ministry, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the state of the banking system of Abkhazia. These issues were raised during our previous meeting, and we have discussed them.

The discussion of these topics was continued during our working meeting in Sochi. All these issues received support from the leadership of Russia. On the same day, the heads of relevant agencies that interact with us in various fields received their instructions. On the second day, the solution of these tasks began.

Compulsory health insurance was one of the questions. There were difficulties, but I do not doubt that soon, this issue will be solved. An agreement will be signed that will allow our citizens who receive health insurance to turn to the relevant health institutions for treatment.

We have discussed issues related to the banking situation. We spoke openly about it. We talked about the difficulties that have been arising these years. We were given significant support. It is not a loan but appropriate assistance to the state so that the banking system could be stable. It amounts to about half a billion rubles.

Speaking of transport, we often talk about these issues but always apprehensively. This is because an untimely disclosure of this information leads to the fact that some people begin to hinder this process. These issues are related to the airport and sea communication with Russia. Many aspects of this work have been discussed. I can say that some work is already being done in both of these fields. It is too soon to speak about all the works. Yet, I can assure you that all of them will be implemented.

Also, the issue of prison was discussed. In our society, this issue is often raised when certain incidents take place. In this connection, our citizens who committed crimes and are now imprisoned were also discussed. This issue was a point of discussion for a long time, but today representatives of the Russian Ministry of Justice will arrive. Then, a process will begin to implement a program that will allow not only to keep people imprisoned but also to solve tasks related to their involvement in the work process. The program provides not only for the construction of a new building. We are talking about the creation of a working area that will allow involving many prisoners in the work process. I think that we will succeed. One cannot sit in a prison cell for years without doing anything. Everyone who is capable will be involved in this process, and it will be useful for the imprisoned.

We have also discussed the Ministry of Agriculture. As you know, significant help was provided this year. The President of the Russian Federation gave instructions to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture to continue supporting the Ministry of Agriculture of Abkhazia. Already, work is being done in this area. In the near future, the Russian Government will discuss all the necessary projects that will have to be implemented soon. I do not doubt that it will be useful for our state.

Speaking about the Investment program and the Investment agency, I would like everyone to understand that there is no single issue that is easy to solve. All problems are difficult, and it is a sign of disrespect of ourselves when after our meetings, some people say that the “President of Abkhazia gave unreliable information to the President of Russia” and try to spread this information through all channels. The President of Abkhazia cannot do such a thing, as all information is verified and it is open to every person. Everything that was done is already done, and there are certain reasons why certain projects were left undone. There is a question of creating conditions for the design and estimate documents to be written by our specialists with participation of the Russian representatives so that there would not be problems in the implementation of these projects. There are such difficulties, and nobody denies their existence.

With regards to the use of the financial help that is allocated to our Republic, all resources are being used. If you have questions or doubts, there are relevant institutions in our state that can provide this information.

We also discussed questions of defence and the provision of security at the border. If we take into account the international context and the actions of Georgia and Ukraine to join NATO, this should concern us and the Russian Federation. Speaking of defence, we have discussed 94 events. There is classified information, but there is also information that is open to the public. I think that the projects that were implemented during these periods of time are quite obvious. They include joint exercises and the development of activities to improve the interaction between the military institutions of Russia and Abkhazia. This work is carried out quite actively”.


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