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On October 20, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba participated in the opening ceremony of a new building of the Sergei Dbar Museum of the Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia in Gudauta.

The Head of State commented on the great importance of this event for the state:

“I would like to express gratitude to the mothers who demonstrated patience and to everyone who made efforts for the Museum to open. This event plays a big role in the task of the development of our state. The Museum’s exhibitions which are dedicated to our fighters and volunteers who came to the defence of Abkhazia will not remain just a memory of them. They will also serve as a warning for such events never to happen in the future. This will be an example for the upbringing of the young generation.

We have no right to forget those who started this work, namely Vladislav Ardzinba and Sergei Dbar whose name the Museum will bear. Aleksandr Ankvab also made a significant contribution to the revival of the Museum. The contribution of the people who work here day and night should also be pointed out. Thanks to everyone who came here today.

Eternal memory to the heroes, to whom this Museum is dedicated”.

Deputy Head of the Museum Gugutsa Dzhikirba spoke about the history of the Museum’s establishment. She also thanked everyone who made their own contribution to the process of the collection of the exhibits and assisted in the opening of the new building of the Museum.

Tera Azizovna, mother of the recipient of the Order of Leon Daur Akhba, gave a speech at the opening ceremony on behalf of the mothers of the fallen soldiers:

“We have gathered here today on the occasion of an event which is dedicated to our fallen defenders of the Homeland – the opening of a new building of the Sergei Dbar Museum. You know well that the initiative for the Museum’s creation belonged to our leader and our hope Vladislav Ardzinba. We express gratitude to the families of the fighters who made a big contribution to the Museum’s work. This building is a part of our history and an important element in the upbringing of our children.

In our country, there are a lot of young people with an excellent education and also those who want to study. I would like to address our younger generation and to say that apart from the education you have received, you should try to be sensible, patient and capable of not making rash decisions. You should not go wherever the wind blows. Our great writer Dmitry Gulia said that an intellect without education can be of use, but education without reasonableness is a great danger”, - she said.

Head of the Administration of the Gudauta District Ruslan Ladaria expressed confidence that the Museum of the Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia will become an important cultural centre of the Gudauta District:

“Without doubt, this is a great event for the families and relatives of those who died defending their Homeland, and also for the Gudauta District and Abkhazia as a whole. These days, to construct such a building is not an easy task. We are certain that this Museum will become an important centre of culture. It will tell the heroic history of our fighters that will serve as an example to our young generation”.

Widow of an important state and military figure, Hero of Abkhazia, recipient of the Akhdz-Apsha Order, First Class, Lieutenant-General Sultan Sosnaliev, Lyubov Sosnalieva thanked everyone who made their contribution to the establishment of the Museum:

“A big thanks to everyone who created this Museum. It is a sacred place. I think that everyone will be coming here to gain strength to move forward”.


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