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On October 12, at the opening ceremony of the IX Abkhazian-Russian Business Forum, Deputy Head of the Administration of the President Adgur Lushba read out a greeting to the participants and guests of the forum on behalf of the President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba.


Dear guests and participants of the forum!

I greet you on the occasion of the opening of the IX Abkhazian-Russian Business Forum. Welcome to Abkhazia and to our expert and business forum.

The Abkhazian-Russian annual business forum plays an important role in the process of development of the economic relations between the Republic of Abkhazia and the Russian Federation. On the whole, it actively contributes to the strengthening of the relations of alliance and strategic partnership between our states. The role of this forum in this field is significant and obvious.

By the efforts of the leadership of Abkhazia and Russia, our joint forum develops every year and becomes more popular and significant. Most importantly, it is increasingly focused on the achievement of practical results.

Today, government officials, businessmen and academics have gathered to discuss the pressing issues of foreign economic cooperation, further development of the tourist sphere, the banking sector and information technologies, and also other related fields of the economy.

I am confident that in the course of a constructive and meaningful dialogue, you will exchange opinions and experience, identify the existing problems, and also create a solid foundation for the implementation of new joint initiatives and projects that meet modern requirements.

I would like to remark that the meetings of this level as part of the Abkhazian-Russian business forum became a useful and good tradition as evidenced by the theme of the plenary session of the forum – “Abkhazia and Russia: 10 years of intensive cooperation, current achievements and new horizons”.

Dear friends!

As before, we are ready to continue working together and implementing mutually beneficial projects that would give an additional impetus to a deeper economic integration of Abkhazia and Russia. Only joint and properly organised work will bring positive results and will ensure the growth of our trade and economic and investment ties.

I do not doubt that by uniting our efforts, we will be able to respond to the difficult challenges of today’s world.

I hope that as part of the forum’s work, suggestions and recommendations will be developed on the abovementioned issues, and that work will be done to continue expanding the paths of mutually beneficial cooperation between our states.

I wish you a successful and productive working process!


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