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On October 10, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba had a meeting with the participants of the Forum of contemporary journalism “All Russia – 2018” in Sochi.

The 22nd Forum of contemporary journalism “All Russia – 2018” united around 2.5 thousand people, including famous journalists and public figures.

Chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia Vladimir Solovyov opened the meeting: “I am happy to welcome our dear guest Raul Dzhumkovich. There is a great interest in our press conference, in the communication between the Unions of Journalists of Russia and Abkhazia. Our ties are old, and we will continue to strengthen and develop them”.

The President greeted the participants of the Forum, spoke about the priorities of the internal and foreign policy of Abkhazia and the main stages of the contemporary history of the Republic of Abkhazia.

“Our meetings have become a tradition. It is important to us because it is an opportunity to tell the journalists about Abkhazia, about what is happening there at the moment and about how our country lives. We are quite open to the world, and we are often called one of the most democratic states.

Our state went through many difficulties. In that period, we have endured a lot. As you know, we survived the war, the post-war period and the blockade. All this created the most difficult conditions for state-building. The events in South Ossetia in 2008 and their consequences have led us to become a recognised state. Russia recognised us, and this gave us completely new opportunities. We are building our state. Of course, there are certain difficulties, but the process of state-building is obvious.

I am sincerely happy to be here, to talk to people who can tell their readers, viewers, and the world community as a whole about what is happening in Abkhazia, what it is doing today, and how the international processes affect the relations between Abkhazia and the world”.

The Head of State answered numerous questions of the meeting’s participants on a wide range of issues, including the development of tourism and agriculture in Abkhazia, youth policy, and the prospects of development of the relations with the Syrian Arab Republic.

The President also answered a question about the work of independent newspapers in Abkhazia.

“There are a number of independent newspapers that actively work and present their viewpoints on different issues. No one opposes this, and it is an open process. Not everything that is written is liked by everyone, but it is the right of every journalist and writer to speak about their vision of the events that concern them and their readers”, - said the Head of State.

Chairman of the Abkhazian Union of Journalists Ruslan Khashig spoke to the meeting’s participants about the environment in which the Abkhazian mass media work.

“We can organise an interview with any official anytime. In this regard, Abkhazian journalists are happy people. People read and critique our works, and we are happy about that. Even the fact that I am Chairman of the Union of Journalists and at the same time head of an independent channel also speaks about the environment of the journalist community in Abkhazia”, - remarked Ruslan Khashig.

Chairman of the Union of Journalists of Dagestan Ali Kamalov presented the President with a collection of selected prose and poetry of Rasul Gamzatov with the addition of audiovisual materials. This edition was issued in honour of the 95th birthday of the famous poet, writer and journalist.

Editor of the Adyghe newspaper “Abazashta” Fardaus Kulova spoke the words of gratitude to the President and the whole Abkhazia.

“In 1992, when a horrible war began and the entire North Caucasus came to help, we saw the unity of North Caucasus regardless of nationality. Many people died. On behalf of their parents, I would like to thank you for remembering them and for being grateful. I see the faces of the fallen soldiers’ parents who come back from Abkhazia and hear their words of gratitude. May Apsny prosper”, - she said.

The President thanked Fardaus Kulova: “This memory is an important part of our life. The memory of those fighters unites us and gives us an opportunity to build our state. We try to welcome the mothers of the fallen soldiers as much as we can, and we create the conditions that would allow them to rest for a bit in Abkhazia. Yet, they will never forget their grief, and neither will those who experienced it together with them. No one will ever forget these heroes”.

The participants of the meeting were also interested in other issues, such as the prospects of the development of the relations between Abkhazia and South Ossetia, possible ways of ensuring the access of the Abkhazian goods to the wide international markets, the development of science and education, the preservation and development of the Abkhazian language, and the functioning of the organ in the Pitsunda Cathedral.


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