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On October 1, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba had a meeting with a delegation from the republics of the North Caucasus who fully assisted the Republic of Abkhazia during the Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia of 1992-1993.

The President greeted the participants of the meeting:

“We are happy to see you. For us, it is significant that people are present here today who did a lot for Abkhazia to become as it is, as you see it today. We are sincerely happy to see you and all those who supported it during the difficult years and continue working with us actively today.

Thank you that during all these years, despite the difficulties, you stay by the side of Abkhazia”.

Public figure, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Russia in 1990-1993, Mukhamedin Tumov congratulated the President on the 25th anniversary of Victory and Independence Day:

“Dear Raul Dzhumkovich, on behalf of our volunteers and the national movement of the Kabardians, allow me to congratulate you on this wonderful holiday. We wish you prosperity, peace and well-being. Thank you for the invitations. It is with great satisfaction that we came to share in this joy.

During the war years, I was lucky to meet many times with Vladislav Ardzinba. He was truly a great son of the Abkhazian people. On August 14, Yury Kalmykov voiced his opinion. He called on the entire Adyghe world and all republics of the North Caucasus to help Abkhazia. He said to the whole world that he will not leave Abkhazia in trouble. This was heard by everyone. The aggressor was against all Abkhazians and all volunteers. All heroes and volunteers came to the defence of Abkhazia. We are proud of the volunteers from Kabardino-Balkaria. They came here first on August 15 together with the group of Sosnaliyev. Thank you for not forgetting our volunteers”.

Former Chairman of the Circassian Shapsug Council of Elders Ruslan Gvashev wished peace and prosperity to the people of Abkhazia. He remarked the necessity of strengthening the work to preserve and develop the Abkhazian language. He also highly praised the military parade on the Freedom Square in honour of the 25th anniversary of Victory in the Abkhazian language.

 “There are many problems in the language field. However, I heard the news that brought me here. It gave me wings. It was the news that the military parade took place in the Abkhazian language.

Thanks to you, the world remembers the names of Sultan Sosnaliev, Yuri Kalmykov, Zaur Naloyev, and Shanibov who is alive. This was said in your speeches as well”, - said Ruslan Gvashev.

At the meeting, the President presented the “Akhdz-Apsha” Order, Third Class, to Mukhamedin Tumov for giving full support to Abkhazia in the period of the Patriotic War and the contribution to the organisation of the volunteer movement.

For contribution to the victory in the Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia, he presented the anniversary medals “For Victory” to:

Tumov Mukhamedin;

Kushkhov Mukhamed;

Kanloyev Vladimir;

Bidanoko Nikhat;

Abregov Khamid;

Gotyzhev Betal;

Bekov Albert;

Khokonov Zaur;

Guseynov Oleg;

Meshev Vladimir;

Abazov Eduard;

Kidakoyev Khazrail;

Chundyshko Zaurbiy;

Bzhakhov Muzarit;

Khalidov Denge;

Gvashev Ruslan.

The medal “For Victory” for the contribution to the victory in the Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia was also awarded to:

Bgazhnokov Barasbi;

Gubachikov Zhantemir;

Kalmykov Zhilyabi;

Khatazhukov Valery;

Sheriyev Hauti;

Pshunokov Arthur;

Bitokov Aslanbek;

Shanibov Yuri;

Meshvez Nadzhet;

Tkhagalegov Mukhamed;

Dumanov Muradin;

Leiba Khaldun;

Bitokov Beslan;

Shogenov Leonid;

Adzhigiriev Asker.


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