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On September 10, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba held a meeting with the Cabinet of Ministers. 

The President and the members of the Government honoured Gennady Gagulia’s memory with a minute of silence. 

“A tragedy has happened, a great loss for the entire state and all people of Abkhazia. I would like to ask everyone to honour the memory of Gennady Leonidovich with a minute of silence. 


Even in this difficult situation, the work of the Government and all state institutions should not stop for a minute. All planned work has to be strictly performed. 

Until a different decision has been made, First Vice Prime Minister of the Republic of Abkhazia Daur Arshba will be the Acting Prime Minister. 

Everyone should understand that the tasks before you should be thoroughly carried out by the heads of all ministries and agencies. In the next few days, all the necessary work on the Indicative plan should be completed. Every Vice Prime Minister should continue the work in their field. 

The challenges before us are not simple. Everyone should know that we all have a great responsibility”, - said the Head of State. 

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