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On August 24, a meeting took place between President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during a working visit of Raul Khadzhimba to the Russian Federation. 

Vladimir Putin: I am happy to see you and to welcome you to Moscow. Together we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the recognition of the Republic of Abkhazia by the Russian Federation. It is an important, if not to say, a historic event in the life of the republic. It is also important to the Russian Federation. 

I would like to remark that during these years, a lot has changed in our relations, and the intergovernmental ties have grown stronger. We attach great importance to our cooperation for the provision of security in the Republic of Abkhazia. This applies to both military and state border control cooperation. I believe that the work is organised quite effectively. After our previous meeting, when you pointed out some problems related to the necessity of increasing the capacity of border crossing points, the situation has changed for the better, as we have discussed during our working lunch. 

I hope that we will continue moving in the same direction by strengthening the external aspects of the work and decreasing the bureaucracy at the checkpoints between the Republic of Abkhazia and the Russian Federation. We continue to develop our interaction in the field of the economy and infrastructure development. I hope that we will discuss all this in greater detail now. 

Raul Khadzhimba: Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, I am grateful to you for the invitation and the opportunity to meet with you on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the recognition of the independence of the Republic of Abkhazia by the Russian Federation. The recognition of our state is the fulfilment of an age-old dream of our people. Without doubt, it is an important event for us. 

More than 130 bilateral agreements have been signed to date which allows us to solve issues in different spheres. These are the issues of the socio-economic development of Abkhazia, the creation of a single defence outline, and cooperation in foreign policy. There is an ongoing coordinated work with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia. It is important to note that after the signing of the Treaty on Alliance and Strategic Partnership, the situation in these spheres became completely different. We would like to do more intensive work, in particular, in the socio-economic sphere, as well as in the spheres of foreign policy, defence and security. I hope that our today’s meeting will help us discuss many of these questions. Thank you. 

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