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On September 3, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba had a meeting with Chairman of the State Committee for State Language Policy Batal Khagush. 

“State-building is inseparable from the questions of the development of the language. According to the Constitution, Abkhazian is a state language. Without doubt, active work from the Committee is required in this issue. The Committee should supervise and help other official institutions in the issues related to the Abkhazian language. We have adopted the Law and the state programs. A lot has been done, yet a lot remains to be done. Abkhazian language is not used often enough in the state institutions. Right attitude and control are required in these questions”, - said the President, in particular. 

Batal Khagush spoke about the work and the plans of the State Committee. 

“We plan to publish dictionaries of legal, economic, medical and military terms, as well as dictionaries with terminology for office work, media, and school education. In 2019, we plan to develop programs for computers and mobile phones. Without this, it would be impossible to teach the young generation. The implementation of this program will make a significant contribution to the development of the language. 

The State Committee was tasked with helping the district administrations to keep office work in the Abkhazian language and to control the right spelling of texts on signboards. This work has been started. Also, language specialists have been tasked with translating all office document forms”, - said Batal Khagush.

The Head of State stressed the necessity of paying special attention to the development of modern education materials and programs for language learning. 

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