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On August 3, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba visited the children’s health camp “Azheypshyaa” which was organised by the Ministry of Education and Science together with the Social Insurance Fund on the territory of the Ritsa Relict National Park.

The President talked to the participants of the project, examined the camp infrastructure and the daily schedule.

“I think it is a good and important project not only for the state as a whole but also for every child. Here they find new friends.

Children are being taught about treating nature, ecology and culture right. This gives them an opportunity to know more about their country”, - said the Head of State.

Minister of Education and Science Adgur Kakoba spoke about the main goals of the project.

“There are a lot of children who have never been to the mountains and are not familiar with our nature in these places. We have decided to take up this matter and to organise a camp with financial support from the Social Insurance Fund. Kids from all districts of Abkhazia are here. In the first group, there are forty kids. Mostly, they are participants of the republican Olympics, Spartakiad and other competitions. Other groups will be consisting of kids from large families and students from boarding schools. I am thankful to our teachers who work with kids. All of them work in the Sukhum boarding school. In the future, we will try to organise more camps like this. Holidays in the mountains are beneficial to kids”, - said Adgur Kakoba.

The participants of the project shared their experiences about staying in the mountains.

“I was very impressed by the beauty of this place. The environment is wonderful. I love drawing and I felt very inspired here”, - said a student of the Ochamchira boarding school no.1 Alyona Stepanenko.

Winners of the Abkhazian history competition among schools teams “Nartaa” Bagrat Agumava and Gleb Adzhba also spoke about the time spent in the camp.

“We liked everything very much. We had national games. There were two camping trips and another one is planned. We reached Lake Mzy, and on the whole, we walked for 14 kilometres. It was a very beautiful place that took one’s breath away”, - they said.


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