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On July 31, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba participated in an extended meeting of the public on the issues of repatriation and the robbery of a shop belonging to the repatriated business owners.

“When the war broke out on the Abkhazian land, our brothers from Turkey came here. They were wounded here. They died on this land. The return of our compatriots has been a difficult issue for many years.

We should be united in our attitude to the incident that has happened. We should unanimously condemn what has happened. We should have said this earlier. The work of the law enforcement should be supported by the public. Where were the public associations, political parties and the intellectual circles? Everyone was silent and thought that the situation would be solved by itself.

Everyone should know that this issue will be solved in accordance with the law and the Constitution. Everyone who participated in the robbery will be held responsible.

Our brothers preserved our traditions and our language. They managed to do this without any help from the state institutions. This is their land, their Homeland, and everyone should know that”, - said the Head of State, in particular.

Minister of Repatriation Beslan Dbar remarked in his speech that in the last 25 years, the state did a lot to return and integrate our compatriots from abroad. He stressed that an integrated approach is needed to address the issues of repatriation. The Minister also remarked that public associations and political parties did not react to the robbery.

“The representatives of our diaspora participate in all spheres of the state’s life. Some of them are Members of Parliament, others – important businessmen, including those who made great contributions to agriculture. Our duty is to treat these people with care and respect”, - said Beslan Dbar.

Chairman of the Council of Elders, Hero of Abkhazia Apollon Shinkuba addressed the leadership of the state on behalf of the elders of Abkhazia.

“The incident that happened should make us all think. Everyone who is to blame should receive the punishment they deserve. I make this statement on behalf of all the elders of the districts. Law enforcement should solve this crime as soon as possible and find all those who are responsible. In the future, there should be no cases of negative and disrespectful treatment of our brothers”, - remarked Apollon Shinkuba.

Chairman of the National Party of Abkhazia Yakub Lakoba also gave a speech at the meeting.

“We demand maximum punishment for people who have decided that they can decide the fate of the repatriation and of our brothers who regained their Homeland at the cost of incredible efforts”, - he said.

At the end of the meeting, the participants adopted an address to the leadership of the state with a request to take all necessary action to strengthen the ties with the foreign diaspora and to take under special control the investigation of the incident.




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