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On July 23, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba congratulated the people of the Republic of Abkhazia on the Flag Day.


Dear compatriots!

In the history of Abkhazia, there are many memorable events that have a special place in our development! These events include those that are related to the state symbols.

For centuries, Abkhazian kings and leaders, brave commanders and warriors defended the banners of victory and independence! There was no peace on the ancient soil of Apsny. Due to its geopolitical location, there have been many states, world powers and empires that tried to conquer the Abkhazian coast.

Yet, the ancestors of Abkhazians (Abaza) and their leaders knew how to make their people united and to give a rebuff to any aggressor.

In our glorious history, the names of Leon and Keleshbey do not fade! They defended the power and independence of Apsny with their political wisdom and diplomacy. However, when there was no choice, they called their troops into battle, and these could resist any foreign legions. The spirit of our people was tempered in bloody military battles, on the battlefields. The best sons of our Homeland marched forward under the banner of Apsny. We were not alone in this battle. Together with us, the highland nations of the Caucasus, who are close to us in spirit and blood, defended our freedom and independence. This military brotherhood was clearly demonstrated in our Patriotic War of 1992-1993.

Today, the State Flag of the Republic of Abkhazia proudly flutters above our Homeland, as if in a proud eagle flight.

The 25th anniversary of our sacred Victory over the Georgian invaders is approaching. The process of adoption of the State Flag and Coat of Arms of Abkhazia was not easy. Local nationalist Georgian groups who obediently fulfilled all instructions from Tbilisi opposed this idea.

However, the members of the First Parliament of Abkhazia, leaders of the national movement of liberation headed by the outstanding Vladislav Ardzinba managed to overcome all these difficulties with courage. Thanks to their endurance, wisdom and political flexibility, today we have our own State Flag, Coat of Arms and Anthem. We have the right to be proud of these achievements!

The author of the Flag and Coat of Arms, an outstanding Abkhazian artist, one of the national leaders Valery Gamgia will forever stay in the memory of the nation and in its history as a symbol of high art and love of freedom. The painstaking efforts of Valery Gamgia and Vladislav Ardzinba to implement this wonderful national project should be appreciated.

Dear brothers, sisters, compatriots! I sincerely congratulate all of you on the State Flag Day. May our sacred homeland Apsny grow stronger and prosper! May new successes attend young people who move forward under our Flag!



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