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On July 5, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba had a meeting with the members of a delegation from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Prime Minister Gennady Gagulia presented to the President the members of the delegation. It was headed by Monir Sober, Vice-President of the Senate of Jordan – the upper house of the Parliament. The delegation also included the senator, former chairman of the Anti-Corruption Association of Jordan Samih Pino, Major General, former Assistant to the Head of the Director of Public Security Department Davoud Hakuz, former member of the Jordanian Parliament Muhammad Raslan, and a representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Abkhazia in Jordan Ali Bakizh.

The President greeted the guests.

“Welcome to Abkhazia. It is important for us to be known in the world and to be understood by the international society. We openly declare that we have to become self-sufficient as a state. Yet, we also have to be understood by the world. The work of our agencies to promote our international recognition is important and necessary. It is a systematic process that will allow us to make the world know that we are a country that fought for its independence. We have achieved it and now our goal is to be equal with many of the world’s states.

Another important aspect is that lots of people from the Caucasus, Abkhazians, live on the territory of our state and build it together with us.

I would like to comment on the work of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and to express gratitude to its leadership. Their work brings results so that more countries of the world begin to understand us.

A number of states have recognised us and it imposes a certain responsibility on us. We work a lot to make our country look completely different. Relations with the Russian Federation are important to us. Russia supports us, but we also try to use our own possibilities. Even though we are a small state, we have enough resources. They have to be used correctly and purposefully to build the economy”, - said the President.

Head of the delegation, Vice-President of the Senate of Jordan Monir Sober thanked the Head of State for the invitation.

“We were glad to receive an invitation to visit your country. Many representatives of your diaspora live in Jordan. They asked us to convey to you their greetings and said that they will come to Abkhazia once again at the earliest opportunity. I am certain that our economic cooperation is of great significance”, - said Monir Sober.

Former member of the Jordanian Parliament Muhammad Raslan asked the President whether the Republic of Abkhazia has any relations with Georgia.

The Head of State responded to this question.

“Even before the war, relations with Georgia were not easy. Today, these relations are almost non-existent. There is a negotiations process that takes place as part of the Geneva Discussions, where Abkhazia, South Ossetia, the USA, Russia and the EU are represented. Many issues are discussed there, starting from the most important question – the agreement on the non-use of force. Unfortunately, the Georgian side does not agree to this. It is likely that Georgia hopes that other countries will support it to restore its so-called territorial integrity.

We fought, but we did not start the war. We have won, and there will be no returning to the past”, - remarked the President.

At the end of the meeting, the Head of State and the head of the delegation from Jordan exchanged gifts.


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