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On March 2, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba held a meeting on the issue of the spread of the brown marmorated stink bug and the methods of fighting it.

The meeting was attended by Prime Minister Beslan Bartsits, heads of all relevant agencies, including the Ministry of Agriculture, the State Committee for Ecology and Nature Protection, the Institute of Ecology of the Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia, the Institute of Agriculture of the Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia, the State Plant Quarantine Inspection Service, and the Heads of cities and districts.

Minister of Agriculture Daur Tarba said that in 2018, 10 million rubles in the Ministry’s budget were allocated to fight against the marmorated bug. By now, 3 million rubles were spent on pesticides. They will be allocated to each district. The Minister informed everyone that the Ministry has prepared a brochure containing the information on the use of pesticides.

The President stressed that the fight against the pest in a particular area will not bring results, as it should be carefully organised across the entire territory of Abkhazia.

Director of the Institute of Ecology of the Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia Roman Dbar remarked that despite warm winter, the death rate of the insect is quite high. This happened because of the shifts in temperature during winter. He also said that in the spring months, the number of insects will be insignificant which is why the active phase will happen in July. Roman Dbar spoke about the methods of fighting against the marmorated bug which is used by Italian scientists.

“It is a highly technological method. Pheromone traps are set along the edges of the plantations, and then a group of trees next to the one with the trap are treated. The purpose of this method is not to kill as many insects as possible, but to reduce the economic harm caused by them to a minimum. This method suits Abkhazia since we do not have large plantations”, - said Roman Dbar.

According to Roman Dbar, in order to organise an effective fight against different pests, it is necessary to modernise the entire plant protection system in the state. It is necessary to train qualified specialists, agronomists, entomologists, and to update obsolete specialised equipment.

At the end of the meeting, the President instructed the Prime Minister to create a republican headquarters on pest control. It should include representatives from all relevant agencies. The members of the headquarters are tasked with weekly coordination of their activity. The Heads of districts will create local headquarters. The State Plant Quarantine Inspection Service is tasked with allocating inspectors to each district. The members of the headquarters are to inform the population about the methods of pest control in a timely manner.


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