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On January 16, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba had a meeting with the people of the Ochamchira District.

Head of the Ochamchira division of the Council of Elders Apollon Dumava remarked in his speech that internal arguments for such a small nation as Abkhazia pave the way to the destruction of the state.

“If we were divided during the war years, we would not be able to win the war”, - said Apollon Dumava.

He stressed that it is necessary to discuss all issues and to solve them through dialogue.

Lamara Kuchuberia, mother of the killed Hero of Abkhazia Yuri Kuchuberia, said that it was unacceptable to solve state issues in the public squares.

“There is the President, the Government and the Parliament – institutions with which we can talk if we have something to say. There are places where all questions are to be solved peacefully”, - said Lamara Kuchuberia.

Amanda Kuchuberia spoke on behalf of young people. She said that the youth of the Ochamchira District is against false information and the calls for destabilisation on the Internet.

Prime Minister Beslan Bartsits briefly described the socio-economic situation in the district. At this moment, the construction of a kindergarten in the city of Ochamchira is underway. A school is being built in the village of Tkhina. Problems related to electricity and water supply will be gradually solved in the district.

Minister of Agriculture Daur Tarba presented the financial data about different areas of agriculture in the district, including hazelnut cultivation, animal husbandry, tea industry and other areas.

The President remarked that a lot has been done in three years, but that more remains to be done. In particular, he reminded everyone that in order to make budget spending more transparent, the Treasury system was introduced. However, increasing control in this sphere does not please everyone. The President also remarked that the worst thing that we could not overcome was the internal arguments and the desire to find a job where money can be easily made.

In his speech, the Head of State pointed out the different aspects of the political and socio-economic life of the republic in the last years.


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