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On December 15, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba had a meeting with a famous musicologist, culturologist, violinist, and author of television programs Mikhail Kazinik.

Mikhail Kazinik thanked the Head of State for the invitation.

“Without doubt, this is a special energy place of our planet. On our way to Sukhum, we went to Gudauta and honoured the memory of the victims. I knew Abkhazia as the most peaceful and happiest country. Abkhazia is one of the places on our planet which should be presented as a great place of ancient civilisation, where a number of unique ancient monuments remained.

I would like to point out that all people here speak the beautiful Russian language. You were lucky because the crossroads of cultures always give birth to high culture. Fazil Iskander is an example of this. There are only three or four writers in the world, who represented their people by using humour.

I believe that in the future, Abkhazia will be such a prosperous state and people will come here because of Dioscuriada. I have been all over the world and there are few places like this”, - he said.

Raul Khadzhimba greeted Mikhail Kazinik and remarked that all these monuments are truly unique as they represent everything that happened to the state and the people of Abkhazia.

“I am grateful that you are here today and I am sincerely happy that you have described our state, people and history the way you did. We truly value everything that has been left and we try to pass it on to the future generations. The ancient Christian Orthodox churches were mostly built in powerful energy places.

It is important to us to preserve the Russian language, yet we also actively work for our state language to be saved. Without it, our state and people would not have an identity and self-sufficiency”, - said the President.

Minister of Culture and the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage Elvira Arsalia remarked that the visit of a famous culturologist to Abkhazia these days has a symbolic meaning.

“The day before yesterday we celebrated the jubilee of our great artist who was also at the crossroads of different cultures. You have continued our discussions about the fact that cultural roads should go further than political ones, as they have a different mission. We really need the influence of soft power right now, which is why I think that all this is not a coincidence”, - said Elvira Arsalia.

At the end of the meeting, the Head of State presented Mikhail Kazinik with memorable gifts.

“Thank you for your cordial words. I hope that your meetings with Abkhazian people will be continued and that you will visit us again”, - said the President.

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