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On October 9, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba held a meeting on the issue of the spreading of the brown marmorated stink bug on the territory of the Republic.

Raul Khadzhimba stressed that in a short period of time, the brown marmorated stink bug spread in the entire Republic. To solve this problem, it is necessary to take radical measures. The Head of State remarked that this problem is not just a problem in the Republic of Abkhazia, but also in the entire world.

The President remarked that the issue of the extermination of the bug cannot be solved in a day, it needs time.

Head of the Institute of Ecology of the Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia Roman Dbar spoke about the spreading of the bug.

“Because of the active movement of goods and people, the marmorated bug spread from China to America, then to England and continental Europe, and finally, to us”, - said Roman Dbar.

He said that during this year, the Institute of Ecology actively cooperated with international organisations, learning form their experience. Different traps are being set up, but according to the ecologist, they are useful only to determine the number of the bugs. Moreover, when the fields are being treated with pesticides, the bugs fly away. This is why it is necessary to treat the fields when the bug is in the larval stage. He said that starting from spring, it is necessary to take immediate measures to eliminate the insects.

Roman Dbar said that it is necessary to carry out explanatory work with the citizens of the Republic, informing them about the methods to fight with the marmorated bug.

“This is a common problem which should be solved together”, - he added.

Head of the Research Institute of Agriculture Lesik Ayba said that one insect lays up to 250 larvae. Today, more than 100 species of crops are under threat of destruction by the marmorated bug. He stressed that the fight against insects is already underway, drugs are tested and it is confirmed that they work effectively.

According to the Minister of Agriculture Daur Tarba, all pesticides were imported on time and distributed in the districts. About 8 million rubles were allocated in the budget. According to the Minister, there are not enough pesticides to thoroughly treat all the territories.

He said that international organisations offered help, and the pesticides and equipment were imported. Moreover, Daur Tarba says that Russia is ready to help in the fight with the marmorated bug.

The President gave an instruction to allocate in the next year’s budget the funds to buy medicaments necessary to kill the bug, and also to define the most effective pesticides, to determine the most efficient time and the deadlines for fighting with the insects, to create special groups and invite specialists, to consider the possibility of planting early crops, and to conduct explanatory work with the population through the media.

“By Wednesday, a committee on the fight with the marmorated bug is to be created, and its composition and a clear plan of action to fight the insect should also be prepared. The work is to be started now, without waiting for the committee to be formed”, - instructed the Head of State.


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