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On September 4, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba held a meeting with the representatives of the judiciary. Chairman of the Supreme Court Zurab Agumava, Chairman of the Arbitration Court Fatima Kvitsinia, judges of the Supreme and Military Courts, and chairmen of district and city courts participated in the meeting.

The President stressed that decisions made by the judicial authorities should correspond to the interests of the state.

“The situation in the judiciary causes some indignation. Decisions made on behalf of the state do not reflect the state’s interests. The law exists not only for common citizens or some officials. The judges are not exempt from complying with the law. You are a part of the state, and you are also responsible for everything that happens here. Questions that are being solved should be in the interests of the state and not just separate individuals. Not a single judge was held responsible in three years, even though decisions were made which went against the interests of the state.

The building of one of the schools in Sukhum was rented out and was used for other purposes. When the state wanted to cancel the contract, the tenant went to court to keep the building, and the court took his side.

Another case has been lost – a kindergarten in Pitsunda. A part of the land plot belonging to the kindergarten was leased to a commercial body. Who gave the right to rent out school premises, kindergartens? Have you thought about that?” - remarked Raul Khadzhimba.

First Deputy Head of the Administration of the President, member of the Qualification Board of Judges Dmitry Shamba stated that in the last years, the courts’ chairmen did not make a single call for disciplinary action against those judges whose decisions were cancelled by the Supreme Court.

The Head of State instructed the Administration of the President to prepare a bill to make amendments to the judiciary legislation.

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