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On July 10, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba congratulated the first head of the Department of geology, geodesy and cartography, head of the general office of the Department of geology, geodesy and cartography, Knight of the “Akhdz-Apsha” Order, Third Class, Pyotr Kazanba on his 80th birthday.

The President pointed out the great significance of Pyotr Kazanba’s professional activity in the development of the state. 

“Your achievements in the task of state-building in the Soviet years and afterwards are significant. The activity that you have founded continues to bring benefit to the state even today. There is a lot of work ahead. It was you who gave the young generation an opportunity to continue the work which you started. Thank you very much. I wish you good health and successes in bringing up young people and in training young professionals. I wish you prosperity and many years of life”, - said the President.

Pyotr Kazanba thanked the Head of State for the welcome.

“This is our duty. Everyone should do what they can. Young people became interested in our work. There are prospects in this regard, and we continue our work”, - remarked Pyotr Kazanba.

At the end of the meeting, the President presented Pyotr Kazanba with a commemorative watch engraved with the owner’s name.

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