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On May 30, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba had a meeting with General Director of the “Chernomorenergo” Aslan Basaria.

Aslan Basaria spoke to the President about the current work of the company and the issues that emerge.

“Last winter was severe. However, we have endured it calmly, the power system withstood the difficulties, thanks to those works that were conducted at the start of the winter period. When it comes to the works which were done along the transmission lines, we have replaced certain levers on the main lines of 220 and 110 kW and the equipment at substations of 35 kW and above. Besides, constant work is being done in distribution networks.

We have also encountered problems concerning the water level and the halt in the work of the Ingur hydroelectric power station (HPP), which was necessary to control the derivation tunnel connecting the dam and the Ingur GES. The critical level reached 410 m. Under normal, adequate work, the critical level at the HPP is 440 m. A technical reserve is from 440 m to 420 m above sea level. Nevertheless, sometimes it happens that we go down to 410 m, and because of that we naturally have problems related to the minimum amount of electricity generation in winter periods. However, we have withstood these difficulties, thanks to the work of the Government and the work you have done personally to ensure the provision of electricity from the Russian Federation.

These days, the load has decreased, which means that the total electricity consumption in Abkhazia for the past 24 hours is 197 MW and the average is around 160 MW. We consume about 3.8 million kW/h per day. In winter, we consumed about 8 million kW/h per day. This is why the total load has decreased, but there are still loads in local regions, which are related to the preparation for the tourist season.

According to your instructions, we have conducted works in the problematic regions. First of all, this concerns the Gagra District. I have presented a report about the work done at the meeting in the Cabinet of Ministers. In preparation for the tourist season, a lot of work has been done both on the high-voltage lines and on the lines of the lower part of the distribution networks.

Speaking about the Investment Program, it has given us serious and perceptible results, which have helped our consumers to have a sufficiently reliable power supply. Needless to say, we have chosen the most problematic substations and distribution networks. We have carried out capital works, replacing, in fact, all equipment at substations and increasing the capacity of these substations. The capacity has increased by 50 MW. The works done last year affect around 45 thousand consumers. Of course, due to the fact that the voltage classes are different, we cannot say that we can fully guarantee a reliable energy supply. Yet, these works have given us great results. In the course of implementing the Investment Program, we have conducted works on air-cable lines, about 22 km of air-cable lines were built. Most of the works were done from September to December, 2016. In the past, we have informed you that we have a few problematic substations that can bring problems in winter. It is the substation Sukhum-1, which supplies half of the city. It already lacks capacity, and the consumption grows, mostly because of those illegal consumers who have connected to the networks. They do not pay for the electricity, even though it does not cost much.

If in 2015 the total collection of payments was about 56%, it increased to 58.7% in 2016. Thus, our collection rate has grown by 4.2%. However, this does not give us enough financial resources to react in a proper manner both to our planned tasks and to the elimination of accidents. The state and the President in person assist us; we are given resources to replenish these emergency supplies. Only because of this the industry survives.

Naturally, the collection of payments is problematic. Within the framework of the energy committee, we are discussing draft bills and decrees that would allow, for example, collecting money from companies that have debts for the consumed electricity. This will give us positive results and will give us an opportunity to establish a standard amount of electricity for those consumers who are not equipped with electricity meters. We would like to make our subscribers install the electricity meter and to be interested in this. A similar draft bill would allow us to create energy committees in regions, which would include representatives from the Administration and the law enforcement agencies, as well as representatives from district assemblies. This would allow us to work more effectively on illegal consumption and to improve the rate of the collection of payments”, - said Aslan Basaria.

“I would ask you to prepare a report concerning the debts by tomorrow. There are certain suggestions by the Administration of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers concerning the writing-off of debts. There is also an amnesty for payment relating to individuals. Yet, this does not mean that all debts will be written off. Tomorrow we will determine how it will be resolved”, - said Raul Khadzhimba.

Speaking about illegal consumption of electricity, the President said that this issue is connected to the issue of illegal construction, and that this question requires complex measures.

Aslan Basaria remarked that according to the instructions of the President, a project entitled "The scheme and program for the development of the electric power industry of the Republic of Abkhazia until 2026" has been implemented.
“In this project, all solutions related to high-voltage lines have been outlined. We are talking about the voltage class of 35 kW and higher. We have a problem due to the fact that the power system of Abkhazia is radial, which includes a single line of 220 kW. This does not allow us to conduct sufficiently deep and serious work on this line, because it would involve a blackout in the whole of Abkhazia. “The scheme and program” outlines technical solution to these issues, that is, the construction of additional lines, and an increase in the power of those nodal substations that we currently have. On your instructions, we have determined the priority of these issues. Their solution will lead to the fact that not only the energy sector, but the entire population will really feel the opportunities that the implementation of the Scheme can give us”, - said Aslan Basaria. 

The Head of State added that it is necessary to prepare for conducting works on the Ingur HPP.

“We have to think seriously about how to resolve this issue”, - said Raul Khadzhimba.

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