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On April 19, a meeting took place between the President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.


- Dear Sergey Viktorovich, it is the fourth time you are coming to Abkhazia. Your last visit took place in 2011. After that, significant changes happened in Abkhazia. I think you had an opportunity to see how Abkhazia has changed.

The opening of the Embassy is a sign that Abkhazia and Russia continue to build relations. There is a range of issues which we will discuss with you today. They are related to our bilateral cooperation and include issues related to the interstate border and the acquiring of Russian citizenship under a simplified scheme. The latter issue was also discussed with the leadership of the Russian Federation. There are also issues related to the social and cultural development and to the Investment program which is very important to us. The Investment program significantly affects the economic development of Abkhazia. In fact, thanks to its contributions, we increased our own budgetary capabilities this last year. I hope that all these issues will receive further support.

- Dear Raul Djumkovich, it is a pleasure to be in Abkhazia once again. Thank you for the traditional hospitality. Already yesterday, we have started our work. We have visited the Russian Embassy which has been put into operation. Indeed, the location is great, it is the central place in Sukhum, and it provides comfortable conditions for our employees. The fact that we have opened such a big embassy in Abkhazia shows once again that we build our strategic partnership relations as allies. It is important that today we will examine the progress in the implementation of those agreements which were reached between you and the President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in the areas that we have mentioned, including the economy. The intergovernmental commission works actively. Last November, another meeting of the commission took place, as well as a business forum for Russian and Abkhazian businessmen. They have good plans which are supported by the governments on both sides. It is also important, as you have said, to see which areas of cooperation will have to be worked on, including the interstate border and the financial relations. We are interested in supporting your policy which aims to make every citizen of Abkhazia feel equal and secure. There is no doubt that we are also interested in international activity. We cooperate actively within the framework of the Geneva Discussions and uphold fair approaches. I am certain that this is important to Abkhazian foreign policy. Thus, we have a busy agenda. Thank you once again for your hospitality, it is very pleasant to be here.

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