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Dear Members of Parliament!

I am happy to welcome you and I would like to congratulate you on the start of the work of the People’s Assembly – Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia of the sixth convocation.

The citizens of the Republic of Abkhazia entrusted you with a high post of members of Parliament. You have earned your mandates by competition.

I hope that the People’s Assembly – Parliament will cooperate effectively with executive and judicial branches of power, with legislators and the public.

It is important for all branches of power to work in coordination with each other. This is a guarantee of the state’s effectiveness and of the success of the positive reforms that our citizens await. 

You may always count on my support, on close and constructive cooperation with the Cabinet of Ministers and with the whole system of executive power, in order to solve the tasks of economic development and social policy – everything which is directly related to the well-being and security of our citizens and the state as a whole.

I would like to express gratitude to the members of Parliament of the fifth convocation for their work. The Parliament of the fifth convocation adopted a lot of laws important to the state, in various spheres concerning the life of the state and society. The constitutional reform has been initiated, the judicial system and local self-government were reformed. I am certain that many beginnings of the members of Parliament of the fifth convocation will be continued by the newly elected members.

As before, I call on to all political forces of the state to work together. I want to emphasise once again: without being united, without agreeing on the most important questions, we condemn our state to become weaker.

It is necessary to look to the future, to ensure that all structures of power, socio-political organisations and citizens feel their responsibility before the state.

Past elections have shown that our electoral legislation needs further improvement. A lot of work has to be done to adopt the necessary laws to solve systemic problems in the economy and the social sphere, to continue reforms which aim to improve the quality of life of our citizens and to ensure their security.

I have no doubt that the following values will be at the foundation of your work – preserving and increasing the legacy of Abkhazian parliamentarism, concern for the authority of the Parliament, upholding the national interests. All this is the key to the consolidation of society and the effective solution of the tasks facing the Parliament.

I wish the members of the People’s Assembly – Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia of the sixth convocation successes in their responsible work for the benefit of the people of Abkhazia.

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