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On March 22, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba had a meeting with the public of the Tkuarchal District and visited a number of facilities in the city.

Head of the Administration of the Tkuarchal District Aida Chachkhalia remarked that the execution of the planned budgetary performance amounted to 61% over the past year. In the villages, repairs are being carried out on the funds provided by the Investment program and the republican budget. In 2016, around 100 million rubles was received by the District to pay salaries.

“Despite the difficulties, the city roads which are 2,050 meters long have been repaired, water pipes with the length of 6,650 meters have been replaced. As a result of this, residents of the Kabardinskaya street have tap water, which was not the case even in the Soviet years”, - said Aida Chachkhalia.

She also remarked that 123 poles of power lines have been installed, as well as electric power networks at three substations and 25 reinforced concrete supports. Besides, the replacement of pipelines, roads and a school roof in the village of Chkhuartal is taking place. Aida Chachkhalia said that District beautification works will be continued.

The Head of the District expressed hope that Tkuarchal’s coal industry will resume work. There are positive developments in this issue. For example, repairs have been started in the building of the former pioneer camp “Shakhtyor” (“Miner”). 

Raul Khadzhimba remarked that the situation which was unfolding in Abkhazia in the past two and a half years was not conducive to the development of the economy in the state.

The President said that economic and political processes in the Russian Federation affected Abkhazia as well. However, the Russian Federation found ways to help Abkhazia. This helps Abkhazia solve a lot of issues.

“The most important thing is that we proved, first of all to ourselves, that we can live on our own funds. This is all due to the efforts and the work of our people”, - he said.

The Head of State expressed confidence that by 2019, own budget revenues might reach 8 billion rubles.

The President said that the Cabinet of Ministers will decide on the implementation of the project to expand the lemonade factory in the District.

“This will create tens of new jobs. Funds will be allocated for the lemonade factory to start working in Tkuarchal”, - said the President.

Speaking about coal, Raul Khadzhimba said that representatives from specialised enterprises of Lugansk and Donetsk are interested in developing a coal enterprise in Tkuarchal.

Commenting on the internal political situation in the republic, the President said that it is time for everyone to stop and understand that internal political fights will not lead to anything good.

“It is time to stop and think about what we fought for and why we continue to build this state”, - he said.

The President also spoke about the election campaign to the Parliament.

“It is important to go and vote, but choose those who, you think, are needed there, without giving in to pressure used by some individuals. We have no one to bow down to, except to our boys who lost their lives for their Homeland”, - said the Head of State.

In the course of the meeting, the President was asked questions related to the necessity of repairing the secondary school No. 2 and the improvement of healthcare in the city.

According to Raul Khadzhimba, the repair of the hospital is planned, using the funds of the Investment program. He also said that he will instruct the Government to find funds for the repair of the school.

After the meeting with the public, Raul Khadzhimba visited a number of facilities in the city.

The President examined the repair works on the bridge that connects the city to a village situated along the Aaldzga river on the Chachkhalia street. According to the Head of the State enterprise “Abkhazberegozashita” Igor Kazanba, the repairs on the bridge will be completed by May 1.

The Head of State said that the Central market should not be left in the current condition. A preliminary design has been created, funds have been found, and in the near future, repairs will start.

Raul Khadjimba visited a kindergarten “Amra”, which has 80 places. Repair and construction works have been completed in the kindergarten, and it will open in September.

The President also visited the Ardzinba Avenue, where beautification works have been completed, as well as water intake facilities that provide the city of Tkuarchal and the nearby villages. Works on the water intake station are carried out with the use of the funds from the Investment program, they will be completed by the end of spring - the beginning of summer 2017.

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