On March 11, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba had a meeting with observers for elections to Parliament from South Ossetia and the Republic of Artsakh.

At the meeting with observers for elections to the Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia from the Republic of Artsakh, Raul Khadzhimba remarked that Abkhazia has a lot of ties with the Republic of Artsakh.

“I visited your country and I was charmed by it. I hope that today everything is even better there. Then, as Minister of Defence, I saw the army of Nagorno-Karabakh, I saw its discipline and order. The histories of our nations are similar. We have lived through a lot, but I am certain that we have a future. Today’s political events in Abkhazia demonstrate that we both are building democratic societies”, - said the President. 

Member of Parliament of the Republic of Artsakh Artur Tovmasyan remarked that every election is another step in the formation of the state. He expressed hope that the elections will be democratic, in accordance with the laws of Abkhazia.

Raul Khadzhimba said that in the course of the election campaign, all candidates had an opportunity to present their political programs and their vision.

Member of Parliament of the Republic of Artsakh Liudmila Barsegyan thanked the President for the welcome.

“The people of Artsakh greatly respect the brotherly nation of the Republic of Abkhazia. These are not just words. This was tested by time. There are warm relations between our republics, we have similar traditions and a single vision of the future. We have a common goal – we want peace on Earth. We wish for the elections to be successful and for the most deserving sons and daughters of the Abkhazian nation to enter into Parliament”, - she said.

At the meeting with observers for elections to the Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia from South Ossetia, Raul Khadjimba thanked the participants of the delegation for their interest in the elections.

“Tomorrow you will participate in the elections as observers. This is an important event in the political life of our republic – the formation of the 6th convocation of Parliament. This event has a special importance for states like ours. It shows to the entire world once again that we are active in building a democratic state.

No matter who enters the new Parliament, the foreign and internal policies of Abkhazia will not change. They aim to increase those opportunities that we have and to build good relations with the world, first of all with our friends”, - said the President.

Deputy Chairman of the Parliament of the Republic of South Ossetia Ruslan Tedeev conveyed to Raul Khadzhimba and the entire Abkhazian nation best wishes from the President of South Ossetia and the Chairman of the Parliament of South Ossetia.

“We would be happy to see that our brothers from Abkhazia show to the entire world that theirs is a young democratic state”, - he said.

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