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Dear compatriots! Dear veterans!

Today is the 24th anniversary of the start of the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia. On this tragic day, we honour the memory of fighters, who defended the freedom of Apsny with selflessness and bravery. The heroic deeds of the sons and daughters of Abkhazia and of volunteers, who came to help us, will forever remain in the memory of our people. 

August 14 is a tragic day in the history of Abkhazia. Yet, it is also a day of unity not only for the people of Abkhazia, but also for the volunteers from North Caucasus and the South of Russia, who had only one aim - to liberate Apsny from Georgian aggressors. 

Today we also honour the memory of our first Commander-in-chief Vladislav Ardzinba, who accepted the responsibility for the fate of the country and its people. Under his leadership, the people of Abkhazia have won the war for independence. The memory of the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia, respect for the veterans and the heroic deeds of a fearless nation will forever remain in our hearts. This memory will be passed on from generation to generation, as it is one of the most important foundations of a modern, stable and secure state. Thanks to the courage and bravery, which were demonstrated in the difficult war years, and thanks to the fearlessness of our fighters, we have defended our land. We have had a long and difficult journey and we have lost the best of our people. 

Eternal memory to the fallen soldiers. Peace and prosperity to our Homeland and to the people of Apsny!

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