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Dear compatriots!

Today, when our country is in a difficult situation, I want to address you.

Today we are standing at the edge, beyond which there is only chaos and degradation. Those actions, which are carried out by some political and social movements, aim to destabilise the situation. Ultimately, this can lead to the destruction of our statehood, for which we paid with our blood.

We have encountered a very difficult problem – there is a struggle for power by those forces, which for many years felt themselves at ease in Abkhazia against the background of lawlessness, permissiveness and corruption. Today they are trying to provoke unrest in the state, by manipulating through universal concepts, such as freedom of choice and freedom of expression. This has nothing in common with our traditional understanding of sovereignty of the people. This is a struggle for power, which is uncharacteristic for our people, it is a struggle for positions of power by means of dirty tricks, hysterical attacks and false accusations. Moral limitations have been lifted and all means are good.

People, who not long ago have been committing state crimes, present themselves as guardians of the nation and the people. They speak of the rule of law and interpret laws and the Constitution of our state to suit their own interests. It is a sad irony that in the difficult years, some of these people were hiding behind the backs of the people, whom today they lead into “battle”. I consciously do not say their names, so as not to label them and to give them a chance to think again.

Today I am accused that reforms remained only in promises, that the crime situation changed for the worse and that the economic situation in the state worsened. I am not going to make excuses – those, who do not want to see positive tendencies in our state, will never be able to see them. These people resent the fact that there are positive changes, because as the number of positive changes grows, their chances for revenge become slim. All this is because they are not interested in the state – they want only power. In the name of power, they are ready to ruin the budget, defend the interests of corrupt officials in courts and justify corrupt deals. These people have forgotten that only recently they have been carrying out huge construction projects in our state and that they were sending stolen money to offshore zones. Instead of developing the real sector of the economy, they were building a beautiful façade, beyond which there was only poverty and desolation. At the same time, they were not forgetting about their own needs. It is difficult to conceal such things in our state.

I will not argue with this category of people and I will not provide the statistics (I think that the members of our government can do this with success) – my address is to ordinary people, who work honestly and experience all the hardships of a very difficult time, which is the formation of our state.

Despite great resistance and sometimes simply sabotage, we are putting the economic sphere in order. We are proving to the world that we not only want, but that we can live on our own money, that our resorts, which have once been unprofitable, can bring profits. Yet, for this we have to break the existing stereotypes and to direct our attention to our own state. We have to believe in victory once again, as we have believed, when the entire world denied us the right to our own path. Yet, we have chosen this path, and rejecting not only petty squabbles but also serious disagreements within ourselves, we have become a single organism. And we could not be broken!

Unfortunately, in the course of postwar years, we have acquired a wrong attitude to the state, and in fact, to our own selves. Today many people resist the simple and obvious things that allow the state to live and develop. We have lost the habit of paying for utilities, we steal electricity without shame and we hide taxes. We have forgotten that every penny paid to the budget turns into salaries, pensions, social benefits, it supports the education and healthcare. We have forgotten that only we ourselves can guarantee a good quality of life to our children, old people, war veterans, disabled people and our own selves. 

Nobody will ever take care of our prosperity, of the prosperity of our country. It is only us who have to care of it, if we love our country.

Remember, how only recently we were all rooting for the national team of Abkhazia, how we wanted to achieve victory! Remember how our hearts stopped in unison, as we waited for another victory of our boys! For a short moment of this celebration, we once again became a single organism that could withstand anything. Our football players not only won the championship, they have made us remember who we are in truth and why we are living on this blessed land. They have made us proud of ourselves again, they have allowed us to feel the delight of unity. They have given us an opportunity to help them, which we did with great pleasure. Once again we felt ourselves as a single nation! Yet, several days after the championship, those same people that cheered for our football players were once again divided, supporting these or those politicians. They have forgotten that our aim is not power, but the building of the state, which was defended by our fighters. They have defended it for us! So what happened to us?

The initiators of the current referendum possibly do not realise its destructive consequences. They do not realise that they have become a tool of manipulation. However, I have given my consent to hold the referendum, even despite its questionable legitimacy and ambiguity. I will repeat once again that I did this in the name of stability in society and also because I believe in the wisdom of our people. Yet, even these actions have caused a negative reaction in the opposition, which aims to bring back previous corrupt schemes and to continue plundering the national heritage and natural resources.

I am certain that our wise people will pass this test with dignity. I warn everybody against reckless actions, and which is worse, deliberate provocations, which can have irreparable consequences. We have to preserve our state for our children and grandchildren and to live up to the trust of our boys, who have given their lives for Apsny.

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