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Sukhum, 10.30

We are pleased to note that the 2016 ConIFA World Football Cup is widely covered by foreign media, which attracts the interest of football fans not only in our country, but also far beyond its borders.

However, we could not ignore the fact that some representatives of mass media deliberately emphasise the so-called “inferiority” of the football championship, the “unrecognised status” and the “separatism” of its participants, the “marginality” of this sporting event.

ConIFA is not a union of independent states, but a union of independent football associations, those which are not part of other football organisations, such as FIFA. At the same time, football federations, which are members of the ConIFA, may represent both those nations that want to achieve international recognition and those nations, for whom participation in international sports competitions may be the only way to introduce themselves to the world. 

The ConIFA World Football Cup allows to represent more fully the state, ethnic and cultural diversity of the world, and not to divide nations and people into categories and groups. In this lie the nobility and the humanitarian meaning behind the activity of the ConIFA, which evokes a sincere response in the hearts of all citizens of Abkhazia, and also corresponds to the values of the civilised world.

This explains why it is improper to use sarcasm and a disrespectful tone, while covering the football celebration, which unites people and evokes the most sincere and kind feelings in all, who participate in it.

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