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Sukhum, 17.20

President Raul Khadzhimba had a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Khloponin, who is head of the Russian side of the Intergovernmental commission on socio-economic cooperation between the Republic of Abkhazia and the Russian Federation.

On April 29, the 12th meeting of the Intergovernmental commission on socio-economic cooperation between the Republic of Abkhazia and the Russian Federation will take place in Sukhum.

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Raul Khadzhimba: Dear Alexander Gennadyevich, I am happy to welcome you!

Alexander Khloponin: Good day, Raul Djumkovich! We have already visited the Abkhazian State University, saw everything, talked to young people. Young people here are wonderful. Of course, the University has to be completed, we plan to reconstruct it. Young people are asking for a gym and a modern campus. It is great that they want this.

R.Khadzhimba: Yes, our young people are good. Despite difficulties, they strive for knowledge.

A.Khloponin: The University itself is very beautiful, the view is amazing. On our way here, the Prime Minister and I discussed almost all questions on the agenda. We have complete mutual understanding on all questions. We are also working on documents. After your meeting with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, I have received instructions from him, on which we are currently working. We are committed to productive work.

R.Khadzhimba: I have no doubts about this. We have developed work and friendly ties, which will allow us to expand our further work. This is useful for everyone. Financial help from the Russian Federation gave us opportunities for growth. Yet, we understand that Russian help cannot be infinite. We want to learn how to earn better and to spend carefully both the funds given by Russia and our own earnings.

Last year showed us that the number of tourists coming to our state has significantly increased. In the context of current processes happening in the world, the number of tourists coming to Abkhazia will certainly increase. The situation on the border last year has improved, the waiting lines have become reduced, and we hope to see greater simplification of the border crossing regime.

We are preparing to welcome a large number of tourists, we are putting in order our infrastructure. In particular, four out of seven building blocks of the Pitsunda’s Union of resorts are being repaired. I hope that tourists will see the improvements.

We are also continuing the work in other areas, in particular, in agriculture: we are building greenhouses in cooperation with Tatarstan. We have begun to export agricultural products to the regions of the Russian Federation. I am confident that this will strengthen our cooperation with Russia.

A.Khloponin: I am also certain of this.

R.Khadzhimba: Let us discuss in greater detail these and other questions.


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