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Sukhum, 11.00

President Raul Khadzhimba had a meeting with the representatives of the United Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Abkhazia.

The discussion focused on important issues for the Muslim community, aspects of the socio-economic and socio-political development of the state, as well as on the tasks of moral and spiritual upbringing of young people.

The Head of State paid particular attention to the participants’ request to build a mosque in Abkhazia. He remarked that he instructed the Administration of the city of Sukhum to work on the question of allocating the land for the construction.

A representative of the United Spiritual Administration of Muslims Roman Djugelia said that in the modern world, Abkhazia is an example of a state, where representatives of different faiths live side by side peacefully. 

The participants of the meeting also discussed the initiative of a number of political forces to hold a referendum on the early presidential elections.

The Head of the United Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Abkhazia Salikh Kvaratskhelia negatively assessed this initiative. “We believe that the initiative to hold a referendum aims to create a split in society and that it will only lead to a waste of energy and resources”, - he said.

According to Salikh Kvaratskhelia, there are more appropriate ways to influence state decisions, in particular, by participating in the elections to local government and in the parliamentary elections in 2017.

The President pointed out that as a result of reforming the system of the organs of local government, the powers of district and municipal assemblies have increased.

The representatives of the United Spiritual Administration of Muslims thanked the President for support in finding solutions to many issues and assured him that the Muslim community of Abkhazia aims to preserve stability and continue working for the benefit of the state.

Secretary of the Security Council Mukhamed Kilba and Adviser to the President Aslan Adzinba also participated in the meeting.

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