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Sukhum, 11.00

President Raul Khadzhimba held a meeting on the question of the problems of the banking system.

Participating in the meeting were the Chairman of the Supreme Court Zurab Agumaa, First Deputy Head of the Administration of the President Dmitry Shamba, First Vice-Premier Shamil Adzinba, Prosecutor General Aleksey Lomia, Chairman of the National Bank Beslan Baratelia, Minister for Finance Amra Kvarandzia, Minister for Internal Affairs Leonid Dzapshba, Head of the Administration of the Gagra District Beslan Bartsits and Chairman of the Board of the Gagra-Bank Astamur Argun.

In particular, questions related to the repayment of bank loans and the elimination of existing debts by borrowers, as well as the situation in the Gagra-Bank have been discussed. 

According to the President, it is unacceptable when the banking system suffers because of debtors. “The main funds of commercial banks come from government resources. When dishonest borrowers do not return their loans, not only commercial banks suffer, but also the National Bank, which provides the refinancing. Due to this, a critical situation is taking place in the Gagra-Bank. Sberbank is also encountering significant difficulties”, - remarked the President.

Raul Khadzhimba pointed out that last year there was a positive tendency, since for the first time in many years, the debtors returned around 600 million rubles. However, additional harsh measures should be taken, in order to ensure the return of loans.

Chairman of the National Bank Beslan Baratelia informed the President about the situation in the banking system and the measures that have been taken to ensure the return of loans. He remarked that without the assistance of the law enforcement agencies and the implementation of court decisions, the National Bank of Abkhazia will be unable to solve many of these questions on its own.

Head of the Administration of the Gagra District Beslan Bartsits expressed concern that the budget resources, which have been deposited by the Administration of the Gagra District on the accounts in the Gagra-Bank, have been repeatedly withheld by the bank. This has led to the delay in the payment of salaries in the public sector. The President condemned such actions on the part of the Gagra-Bank.

Chairman of the Board of the Gagra-Bank Astamur Argun informed the participants about the difficult situation in the bank, which is caused by the fact that the debtors have not returned a large sum of loans. He noted that in the Gagra-Bank, the sum of unpaid loans and the interest on these loans reaches 600 million rubles. 

The President tasked the Prosecutor General to take under special control the investigation of the defaults on big loans. “All borrowers should know that the government funds should be returned. They will be returned at all costs”, - stressed Raul Khadzhimba.

The National Bank together with the Gagra-Bank are tasked with developing and adopting a financial recovery plan of the Gagra-Bank, while the law enforcement agencies should take effective measures to ensure compliance with court decisions.

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