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Moscow Oblast, Novo-Ogaryovo, 14.15

At the moment, the meeting between Raul Khadzhimba and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin is taking place in the suburban residence of the Russian President “Novo-Ogaryovo”.

Below is the transcript of the beginning of the meeting.

* * *

Vladimir Putin: Dear Raul Djumkovich, I am happy to see you!

We stay in touch: I remember your visits to Moscow and to Sochi. Our relations are special and they continue to develop. There must also be questions that require a separate discussion. Our legal and contractual framework is growing and practical cooperation is developing in all directions: the economic sphere and the sphere of security.

There are many dimensions to our relations. So, I am happy to have the opportunity to discuss the entire range of questions with you.

Raul Khadzhimba: Thank you. I am sincerely happy to have this meeting today, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Since our last meeting, many changes have happened in the relations between our states, and a number of sectoral agreements to implement the Treaty have been signed. Questions are being solved in the spheres of security, economy and social welfare.

We have begun the process of increasing the pensions of the citizens of the Russian Federation living in Abkhazia. There are also results in the work related to the Ministry of Culture and the law-enforcement bodies.

I think that these developments will continue and that they will be further supported.

The photo was provided by the Photo Service of the President of the Russian Federation

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