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A work visit of the Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation Vladislav Surkov to the Republic of Abkhazia has taken place.

After the meeting behind closed doors, the President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba and Vladislav Surkov participated in an extended meeting.

From the side of the Republic of Abkhazia, taking part in the meeting were the Vice President Vitali Gabnia, Prime Minister Artur Mikvabia, Head of the Administration of the President Astamur Tania and Vice Premier Dmitri Serikov.

From the Russian side, Denis Travin and Ivan Boltenkov, Deputy Heads of the Presidential Directorate for Social and Economic Cooperation with the Commonwealth of Independent States Member Countries, the Republic of Abkhazia, and the Republic of South Ossetia, participated in the meeting.

In the course of a one-day work visit, the Russian delegation also took part in a meeting at the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Abkhazia. Vladislav Surkov also had a meeting with the Speaker of the People’s Assembly-Parliament Valeri Bganba. 

After the end of bilateral negotiations, Raul Khadzhimba and Vladislav Surkov responded to the questions from journalists.
President Raul Khadzhimba positively assessed the outcomes of the meeting. He remarked that the discussion was mainly focused on the events related to the Investment program of support to the socio-economic development of Abkhazia, as well as on the current financing and pension scheme.

Vladislav Surkov informed the journalists that the President of Russia signed the law on the ratification of the Agreement on the pension scheme, which means that from next year, the pensions to the citizens of Russia living in Abkhazia will be increased. The Adviser to the President of Russia remarked with satisfaction that in December, Abkhazia ratified the Agreement on the joint army force. He stressed that the implementation of the Treaty on Alliance and Strategic Partnership, which was signed in November of 2014, takes the relations between the two states to a higher level of interaction.

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