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Raul Khadzhimba met with the representatives of the State off – budget fund of the invalids of the Patriotic war of the people of Abkhazia of 1992-1993 and heads of district associations of invalids.

The first Vice-premier Shamil Adzynba also participated at the meeting.

The issues of activities of the Fund, its work on comprehensive support of invalids of war, supplying them with medicaments, treatment of them in medical institutions both on the territory of Abkhazia and abroad.

The chair of the fund Badri Agrba informed the President on the fact that the tax collection that supply the budget of the fund is really low which hampers the activities of the fund and timely provision of the invalids with necessary medicaments.

Raul Khadzhimba noted the necessity of deeper and more comprehensive analyses of the problems of the disabled of the Patriotic war of the people of Abkhazia of 1992-1993 with the further addressing by means of effective state policy.

The President paid attention to the inadmissibility of issuing the invalids of war certificates to people that had not been injured during military actions. “This foundation was created to assist invalids of war. The money that is assigned for assistance of this category of citizens should only be spent on them”, said the President.

The First Vice-premier Shamil Adzynba also noted the negative tendancy on artificial overstating of the number of the invalids of war. We have to be courageous and have political will to start the process of putting the lists in order. This process has to be transparent”, he said.

The participants to the meeting also raised the issues of social rehabilitation of the invalids, their employment and provision with social accomodation, creation of a so-called accessible environment for people with limited possibilities. The representatives of district associations also noted the necessity for a special attention of the leadership of the republic and local authorities to the problems of the disabled veterans of war.

Raul Khadzhimba underlined that all necessary measures will be undertaken to maximally support the address of the problems of invalids of war. «The state assisted you and will continue doing that», said the President.

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