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The President of Abkhazia talked on the situation in the republic, the measures on development of economy and preparation for the tourist season.

Moscow. June 3. INTERFAX.RU. Today Russia and Abkhazia are paying particular attention to the implementation of the agreement «On alliance and strategic partnership», signed by the Presidents in November 2014. The head of the state Raul Khadzhimba told the agency «Interfax-Iug» on the modern situation in the republic, measures to develop the economy, preparation to the tourist season, law and order enforcement in Abkhazia, etc.

- Raul Djumkovich, what conditions have been prepared today in Abkhazia for intense development of the republic?

- We have done a lot. From the first day we are highlighting that there is a possibility of participation in our activities of all those who are professionally ready to work to improve the situation in our country.

Moreover, the significant part of employees from the composition of the previous Cabinet of Ministers continues to work. We did it not out of populism. I am confident that the knowledge and experience of our colleagues are essential and we have to utilize them in different branches of economy of our republic.

We have a permanent dialogue with a number of political figures of the republic. We meet; we try to engage inthis processpeople who are not indifferent to our country. Some people understand this, some don’t. But one of the most positive moments is how the activities on the agreement on strategic partnership and cooperation were conducted. The most important thing is that we have this agreement. I think this document warrants that our society is ready to reach consensus, despite the fact that there has been harsh arguments on the initial project. Nevertheless, we found understanding. 

- You have defined provision of the rule of law, security and equality of the citizens of the republic as one of your key tasks. How are these issues addressed?

- Our first steps are taken so that the law and only the law would be the base for the development of our state. No retreats from this will be accepted. That is why corresponding instructions have been issued to the structures of executive power, so that this kind of job would be implemented. The State security service is instructed to provide security to investors, who are ready to invest resources to the economy of Abkhazia. The corresponding tasks to provide security and nonadmission of all that negative things that unfortunately took place in relation to our guests who arrived on their personal vehicles to Abkhaziaare given to the ministry of internal affairs.

- Raul Djumkovich, you've established a constitutional commission in Abkhazia, that is implementing the reform of the electoral system, local self-governance. How is this commission working, what has already been done?

- I would like to emphasize that Abkhazia is a democratic state and there is floor for political pluralism. The constitutional commission led by the President of the republic is already functioning. It brings together representatives of different political powers, lawyers, who are ready to discuss proposals of future reforms. The working group is actively working on the projects of those documents for the last two weeks. This is a very important theme for us. And all those promises that were given during our pre-electoral campaign and prior the elections when we were in the opposition, will be implemented. For us it is vital that the balance of the branches of power was maintained. We have some issues and difficulties, but all of those would be resolved.

- How has Abkhazia prepared itself to the tourist season?

- This part of our activities shows that tourism has our special attention. You can see that judging by the activities implemented in Ritsareserve. We have some success in this area. We are talking on the necessity of fixation of all objects of touristic sphere. Those activities are implemented, the number of registered objects increased. This is aimed, above all, at changing our budget component, so that our citizens become law-abiding taxpayers. The future of our state depends on this.

Now we have to keep vigilant watch over the work of those people, who work directly with tourists, so that the quality of the service will be at a different level. Issues of transport service, issues of that difficult situation we have at the border – all of these are the problems of the authorities and everyone involved with the process of enforcing order and accompaniment of tourists across the country. Both State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate and the MIA have to work so that the quality of service would be at highest level.

- Is the environment in the republic stable? Tourists should not be scared to come here?

- Our tourists are not afraid of anything. Last year, when the situation was intense, the number of tourists was significantly higher than in 2013. With all the difficulties of the political process, our state does not retreat from law and order. Our legislation is not aimed against tourists. We will cope with our internal problems on our own, without any excesses.

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