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The President Raul Khadzhimba conducted a meeting with a group of Russian doctors, who arrived from Moscow to conduct clinical examination and primary ophthalmologist examination of the population of Abkhazia.

The first vice-Premier of Abkhazia Shamil Adzynba, who is in charge of this project together with the Adviser of the President of health care issues Eduard Bebiya also participated at the meeting.

Presenting the guests to the head of state, the Adviser of the President Eduard Butba noted: “Within the framework of this project the leading Russian specialists-ophthalmologists will conduct primary ophthalmologic examination of the population of all districts of the republic. We will start with Sukhum and then continue with the rest of the districts of Abkhazia”. He added that the activities are implemented in close cooperation with the ministry of health care of the Republic of Abkhazia and with the active support of the First Vice-premier Shamil Adzynba.

The head of the caphedra of ophthalmology of Russian national research medical university n.a. N.I. Pirogov Igor Medvedev told the President about the plans of work trips around the medical institutions of Sukhumcity with the aim to determine the mainbase for conduction of mass health examination.

«This is a good experience for doctors working in Abkhazia, we will stand right by them. Also, considering that the representatives of two medical universities came along with us it is a great opportunity to learn and increase qualification of our specialists”.

Raul Khadzhimba noted that these kinds of projects are aimed at creating the environment for the invigoration of our nation. “One of the main directions we are working at is the care about health of our nation. Our ministry of health care is actively working in this field and we are budgeting the resources to buy specialized equipment in order to launch mass clinical examination of our citizens”, said the President.

Eduard Butba said that after the first stage of clinical examination and determination of main inquiries it is planned to bring in a group of doctors to conduct high-technology surgeries at place. “As a rule, the main groups of patients are the elderly that have difficulties going abroad. Along with the Ministry of health care we are creating conditions to conduct on the territory of Abkhazia the surgeries of the same quality as those that are conducted in the clinics of international level”, he said.

Within the framework of this worktrip the group of Russian doctors planned to conduct a number of meetings with the specialists of the Ministry of health care of the republic and the consultation with patients in medical institutions of Sukhum.

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