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Raul Khadzhimba conducted a sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers, dedicated to the issues of optimization of the staff strength of the state managements bodies and state institutions.

The President informed the members of the Government on the preparation of the project of the Decree “Onoptimization of the staff strength of the state management bodies and state institutions of the Republic of Abkhazia”.  

“We have been talking on the conduction of the activities on the optimization of the staff strength of the state management bodies and state institutions for a long time. In the nearest future I will sign the corresponding decree. I will instruct the Cabinet of Ministers to cut down the staff strength in the ministries, institutions and state bodies up to 15 per cent. Same process will be implemented in the Administration of the President and other state bodies. I am asking you to provide information and suggestions on practical implementation of this task in the following two weeks”, said the President.

Raul Khadzhimba noted that in a lot of structures the staff strength is inflated, the reduplication of activities takes place. “We have to save our own budget resources as well as received Russian financial assistance. The resources that will be saved by means of staff reduction will also be used to increase the salaries. These activities have to be conducted within two weeks”, underlined the President.

The head of state instructed the Prime-minister, Vice-premiers, heads of ministries and other state bodies to actively participate in these activities. “This had to be done a long ago. If we really want to build up and strengthen our state, we have to have such a rational approach, that would suggest optimization of state staff strength”, said Raul Khadzhimba.

The Prime-minister Artur Mikvabiya expressed his confidence in the fact that the optimization and staff strength reduction will have a positive effect on the quality and effectiveness of state management. Here affirmed there adiness of the Cabinet of Ministers to implement all the necessary activities to begin this process within two weeks.

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