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Raul Khadzhimba chaired the meeting of the Commission on constitutional reform, instituted by the Presidential Decree of January 22, 2015.

In the welcoming address the President noted: “We repeatedly talked on the necessity to conduct constitutional reform. The first step is made – the step related to the judicial system. Those decisions will come into power in 2016 and will require additional efforts from the state. Concerning two other directions: first of all it is creating the balance between executive and legislative branch of the power, and second – determining the new principle of forming the Parliament – the reform of electoral system – and also the change of quantitative composition of the legislative body: and third – the issues of reforming the system of local self-governance: here we have to work effectively and qualitatively. I hope that the activities of the Commission will be fruitful. We have to define concrete steps. From one side we have e you – Members of Parliament, from the other side we have our society; we all have to think about these issues”.

The Member of the Commission, the Member of the People’s Assembly – Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia Valeriy Agrba acquainted the President and members of the Commission with the proposals on reforming the electoral system and change of quantitative composition of the People’s Assembly. It is proposed to switch from the system of absolute majority, existing in Abkhazia today, to the mixed system that would include the elements of majority and proportionate systems. According to the opinion of Valery Agrba and other members of the Commission, the mixed system enables us to grade the flaws that other electoral systems have and it also corresponds the tasks of the political development of Abkhazia at this stage. It was also proposed to increase the deputy body’s strength from 35 people to 45.

In the course of the discussion the proposals of Valery Agrba as well as other ideas by other members of the Commission were discussed. In particular, the proposals to eliminate the institution of deputy immunity, introduction of imperative mandate, transition to pure proportional system.

In conclusion the President noted the orientation of the society and the state to reforms that would not only increase the effectiveness of the political system, but change the attitude of people to the authority. Raul Khadjimba appealed to the members of the Commission to continue their activities, the result of which will be presented by the President to the People’s Assembly – Parliament.

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