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Raul Khadzhimba conducted a work meeting on the issues of crediting of small entrepreneurship.

The Speaker of the People’s Assembly-Parliament Valeriy Bganba, Prime-minister Artur Mikvabiya, the Head of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Abkhazia Astamur Taniya, the Chair of the National Bank Beslan Barateliya, the Minister of finance Amra Kvarandziya, the Minister of economy Adgur Ardzynba, the deputy Head of the Administration of the President Astamur Appba, the members of the People’s Assembly – Parliament Guram Bargandjiya and Georgiy Agrba, the chief of the Expertise office of the Administration of the President Irakliy Khintba took part in the meeting.

The President noted high importance of implementation of the programs of crediting of the subjects of small entrepreneurship for the development of the real sector of economy: “The current meeting is the evidence of the fact that we are moving from words into action. Our citizens want and can work and we have to create conditions for them to receive credit resource for opening enterprises of small business”. 

The Chair of the National Bank Beslan Barateliya told the audience about main provisions of the program of crediting of small enterprises that was prepared by the National Bank of Abkhazia. Its main goal is granting subjects of small entrepreneurship credit resources using the means of the National bank on preferential terms. “We are launching this project starting with June 15. The overall volume of the money for crediting is 200 million rubles, 100 million of which is intended for crediting small business in agrarian sector, and 100 million rubles for other subjects of entrepreneurship. Credits up to 1 million will be granted for the period of 2 years, credits up to 3 million – for 3-year term”, said Beslan Barateliya. 

The Chair of the National Bank underlined that the program is socially oriented and that is why everything was done in order to reduce credit rate. «The rates would sum up to 6 % per year for enterprises involved with agriculture, 8 % for disabled veterans of the Patriotic war of the people of Abkhazia and 12 % for other subjects of small entrepreneurship », highlighted Beslan Barateliya. 

According to him, by the end of this year the National Bank is also planning to launch another program of micro crediting, which will enable our citizens to get credits up to 300 thousand rubles. 

Raul Khadzhimba instructed to create all the necessary conditions so that the program will be launched in the middle of June, just as planned. “If we organize our work correctly with those people who will come to us seeking grants and correctly distribute the opportunities of stage-by-stage crediting, elaborate correct control over all the stages of implementation of projects and finance every coming stage upon completion of the previous, it would enable us to significantly increase the effectiveness of crediting”, said the President. 

The President noted that during the decision-making process on granting the credits, the credit history of applicants will be considered. “The process of returning of the credits granted by the state has already started. More than 200 million of credit money is already returned. Our citizens have to understand that all the money taken from the state has to be returned”, highlighted Raul Khadjimba.

In the nearest future the full verbatim of the meeting on the issues of crediting of small entrepreneurship will be published on the official website of the President.

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