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These minutes the meeting of Raul Khadzhimba with Vladimir Putin takes place in the Sochi residence of the President of Russia.

Heads of state are discussing burning issues of Abkhaz-Russian relationships, in particular concerning the implementation of the Agreement of alliance and strategic partnership, and the prospects of economic, trade and investment cooperation between the countries.

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Verbatim of the beginning of the meeting.

V.Putin: Dear Raul Djumkovich. It was not long since I last saw you – we met on May 9 in Moscow. Thank you, by the way, for coming. I think it was quite a natural thing, our struggle against fascism was joint, and the holiday is joint.

I shall not characterize our relationship and their development right now. I am really happy to see you also because today we have an opportunity to discuss how well goes the implementation of signed intergovernmental documents, which I view as important and detailed.


R.Khadzhimba: Thank you.

The document on ratification of the Agreement between Russia and Abkhazia on alliance and strategic partnership was signed on February 4, 2015. Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, I am thankful for the invitation. We were present to a significant holiday for our nations – the 70th anniversary of the Victory over fascism. In addition, we saw a grand event, which made an impression not only on us, but on the whole international society.

Since the signing of the Agreement on cooperation and strategic partnership between Russia and Abkhazia, several provisions are already implemented. Agreements on provision of pensions, on increase of salaries to a particular categories of state employees have already been signed. Active work on materials concerning defense and border issues and the work of internal affairs bodies of Russia and Abkhaziais being done.

The development of relations between Abkhazia and Russia is quite dynamic. From our side we are doing everything possible to make those relations strong and tight.

The people of Abkhazia is thankful to you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, for your permanent attention and support of our country. Thank you.

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