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19th of February, 2015, Sukhum region. The President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul  Khadzhimba met the body of active functionaries of the Sukhum region. The Head of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Abkhazia Astamur Taniya, members of People’s Assembly representing Sukhum Valeriy Kvarchiya and Fazilbey Avidzba also took part in the meeting.

Greeting the President, the head of the administration of Sukhum district Beslan Avidzba informed the audience on the activities on inventory of land and objects within the authority of the administration. “At the same time we are working on a short-term and long-term program of development of our region, which is a precedent”, added Avidzba.

He also talked on joint plans of the administration and region’s assembly on creation of public counseling office and establishing closer contacts with village administrations. Beslan Avidzba reported the President that all design estimate documentation for the conduction of activities in the framework of the investment program of assistance to socioeconomic development of Abkhazia is ready and noted the fact that Sukhum region has not received this kind of amounts for reconstruction of roads, communications and pipelaying. The head of the administration also expressed the idea that all of the taxes from enterprises working on the territory of the region would go to regional budget.

Greeting the audience Raul  Khadzhimba expressed hope for sincere dialogue on problems and prospects of the development of Sukhum region. The President noted that the situation on the economy of the country is quite difficult, yet the country has opportunities to find solution of this problem by strengthening its economic opportunities. “Despite own difficulties Russia not only does not reduce, but increase the assistance that it provides to our country. This also deals with the increase of pensions and salaries of state employees, which, besides social projects, would be oriented to the development of the production in Abkhazia”, he added.

Raul  Khadzhimba drew attention of the audience to the fact that all these activities do not mean that we are transferring the solution of socio-economic problems to Russia. “We are an independent state and we have to comply to this status not only with our Constitution, but with the economic opportunities”, said the President.

The issues of the adoption of state budget, constitutional reforms, including conferring powers to regional assemblies, the development of social infrastructure, etc. were discussed on a meeting.

“Sukhum district is mainly agricultural, however, it possesses a serious touristic potential, several footholds for economic development of the district that we can create today. In particular, we have interesting ideas, related to the development of port opportunities and cargo transit. We are trying to draw attention of the investors to Eshera sport base and other objects”, noted Raul  Khadzhimba. He added that in order to attract investment we need the trust credit, so that people would not worry for their assets. “We have to end up with such terms as “occupied”, “roof” and “share” (“zaniyato”, “krisha”, “dolya”). All of these hamper normal development. As a result the nation suffers, their faith in their own strength disappears, standstill and breakdown appears”, said the President.

The citizens were interested in the problems of village schools, state support of households, and the development of agriculture. The Member of Parliament Valeriy Kvarchiya raised the issue of road infrastructure and water supply of the district. The President noted the importance of plugging to the opportunities of import substitution in Russia. This would help increase turnover of commodities with Russia and significantly increase budget revenues. Raul  Khadzhimba talked about his plans to visit the population of all republic districts. 

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