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March 13, 2015, Sukhum. The President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul  Khadzhimba conducted a work meeting on the issues of preparation to forthcoming holiday season. The Vice-president Vitaliy Gabniya, the Head of the Administration of the President Astamur Taniya, deputy Chair of the Administration of the President Astamur Arshba, the Chair of the National bank of Abkhazia Beslan Barateliya, the Minister of economy Nikolay Achba, the Minister of culture Elvira Arsaliya, the Chair of the state tax service Rauf Tsimtsba, the chair of the department of economy of the Administration of the President Adgur Ardzinba, heads of administrations of cities and regions, the representatives of profiled institutions and structures, took part in the meeting.

Opening the meeting, Raul  Khadzhimba underlined the important role of touristic field in the economy of the country. “We often say that the touristic sphere is the engine of our economy, but in order for this engine to work properly a lot needs to be done”, said the President.

He informed the participants on signing the Decree on creation of the ministry of resorts and tourism of the Republic of Abkhazia be means of reorganization of the ministry of economy and changes to structure of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Abkhazia. “The financing of the expenditures for maintenance of the new ministry would be conducted at the expense of the ministry of economy. I instruct the ministry of economy to conduct a redistribution of staffing positions for the new ministry”, added Raul  Khadzhimba.

With the same Decree Avtandil Gartskiya is appointed minister of resorts and tourism of the Republic of Abkhazia. The President spoke on the necessity of elaboration of the new complex state program of development of tourism of Abkhazia, which would include the mechanisms of development for short-term and long-term prospective.

The head of the department of economy of the Administration of the President Adgur Ardzinba noted in his report that tourism, due to its multiplicative effort, can become a lever that will let revitalize national economy and stimulate the development of related sectors, such as transport, communication, industry, agriculture, energy. “Despite apparent advantages and prospects of tourism, we lack state policy in the sphere of tourism. The mechanisms of self-regulation aimed at survival of certain economic entities have formed”, he underlined.

“It is necessary to initiate the formation of circumspect state policy of development and regulation of tourism, based on complex analyses of market and mechanisms, coordinating the activity of all enterprises of tourism sector of the economy”, highlighted Adgur Ardzinba.

In the course of the meeting, the issues of security, transport infrastructure, provision of information to tourists and medical service for the population of Abkhazia and its guests were also discussed. The minister of culture Elvira Arsaliya noted the importance of inclusion of the state Museum into the program of tour itinerary and she also spoke on the necessity of the control over the quality of souvenir production. The minister of agriculture Rafik Otyrba answering the question of the President about the readiness of satisfying the requirements in foodstuffs for the forthcoming holiday season noted the necessity of creation of trade and shopping bases for agricultural products in every district of Abkhazia, which would simplify the interplay of the producers with the final customers – food service companies, hotels, sanatoriums.

The director of Ritsa National park Rita Lolua told the audience that 6 000 people visited Ritsa reserve in January and 1,8 million rubles worth tickets were sold. “Financial discipline is raised to a better level. From the moment of creation of Ritsa reserve, this kind of money had never been raised up until now”, she said. She also reported on works on beautification of the territory of the park, sign-boarding and reconstruction of bridges.

Summarizing the results of the meeting on the development of tourism the President gave a number of instructions for the preparation for the next holiday season. The main task allotted by the President was the instruction to elaborate the program of development of tourism in Abkhazia for 2016-2025. Raul  Khadzhimba noted the importance of diversification and increase of level of quality of touristic services. The control over execution of instructions was entrusted to the deputy head of the Administration of the President Astamur Arshba.

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