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President of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhaniya presented the new Head Konstantin Piliya to the active members of the Gal District.

By Decree of the Head of State from July 21, 2020, Piliya was appointed as Head of the Gal District.

“Konstantin Piliya has a lot of experience in management. For many years, he was Head of the Sukhum City Council. There is a lot of experience that he received there. We are interested to ensure that law and order exist in the Gal District and that the rights of the residents of the Gal District are respected. Gal District is an integral part of the Republic of Abkhazia. We will try to pay maximum attention to your district”, - said the Head of State.

Aslan Bzhaniya thanked the former heads of the Gal District for their work and contribution to the development of the District.

From his side, the new Head thanked the leadership of the state for the trust and remarked that he is aware of the amount of work and the responsibility assigned to him. “I would like to assure you that the experience and the skills that I have gained in 20 years of work as a member of several convocations of the City Council and a Member of Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia will be used to find the solutions for the improvement of the prosperity of the residents, the security and economic situation in the District”, - said Konstantin Piliya.

The new Head of the District stressed the importance of the issue of the integration of young students living in the Gal District and the prospects of their development. “I plan to pay close attention to these issues”, - he said.

President Aslan Bzhaniya stressed the importance of cooperation between all branches of power. “Everyone who works and represents authorities in this District should do their job scrupulously. We should all serve the interests of our citizens. You have elected us for this”, - said the Head of State.

The Head of State also spoke about the upcoming plans to open a Public advisory office of the President of Abkhazia in the Gal District. “Residents of the Gal District will have an opportunity to address me directly with their issues, suggestions and complaints. You can rest assured that your district will not be without attention from the Head of State”, - said Aslan Bzhaniya to the residents of the Gal District.


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