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23rd of December 2014, Sukhum. The meeting of the President of Abkhazia Raul  Khadzhimba with the young people of Abkhazia took place in the big hall of the Cabinet of Ministers.

In his greeting address the head of the state underlined that building direct relations of the representatives of authorities with young people opens great prospects for the state and for the society.

The president views the formation of youth policy that would include a wide range of issues including education, upbringing, sports, employment, professional growth opportunities, support of entrepreneurship, assistance of young families as one of the most burning issues of state and public development.

Raul  Khadzhimbastressed that many young professionals work in state bodies, including some high and responsible posts. “Our goal is to educate our youngsters so that they would be at the same level as the highest international standards. So that they will enable competiveness of our state. Together with that, young people should be the carriers of our national spirit, traditions and values. This symbiosis will let Abkhazia move forward and preserve its uniqueness”, noted the President in his speech.

The head of state underlined the importance of creation of means of social mobility and spheres of implication of young forces of the society, which would enable the intergenerational ties and continuity.

In more than two hours, the head of state answered more than 30 questions. Students, representatives of youth organizations, young scientists and senior students of schools participated in this meeting.

Most of the questions regarded difficult economic situation in the country, the employment of population issues. Young people were interested in personnel policy of the state leadership, the issues of development of Abkhaz language, the problems of the Gali district population, health care issues. Pressing issues of church dissent, the opportunities of receiving credits, etc. were also raised.

This kind of direct and open meetings of the President of the country with the representatives of young people should become a regular fixture, noted Raul Khadjimba. “We are interested in your public awareness and we would like you to offer your ideas in the sphere of youth policy and in other spheres as well”, the President added.

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